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Five Star Customer Service Program for Service Professionals is a comprehensive program that focuses on giving individuals the skills they need to provide the best possible service to their internal and external customers.

CSS programs emphasize both the right “attitude” and the specific skills required for today’s successful customer service professional.  Program modules are based on a model of nationally recognized skill sets and competencies.  The Competencies for Excellence in Customer Service include the ability to be:

*  Professional - demonstrating a business attitude including pride in one’s job, organization and customer service profession.  It includes the skills of proper work habits, customer orientation, and the ability to mesh personal and organizational mission, vision and values.

*  People Oriented - demonstrating a caring attitude.  It includes the skills required to build relationships with customers, handle difficult customers, ask questions, and listen effectively.

*  Persuasive - demonstrating a sales and service attitude.  It includes the use of caring control in customer contacts, service recovery, and sales skills.

*  Proactive - demonstrating a problem-solving attitude.  This includes the skills required to successfully resolve customer problems, resolve department/system problems and manage multiple priorities.

*  Polished - demonstrating a winning attitude.  It includes the total image projected including self-confidence, credibility and professionalism.


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